4 Simple Feng Shui Tips for Your Philly Row Home

The majority of Philly row homes were constructed to maximize the space of small lots in the city and to be more cost-efficient for builders. Unfortunately, the standard row house layout doesn’t always allow for the best “feng shui.” Feng shui is a home decor theory for adding harmony and positive energy to your home with interior design techniques. Here are some simple feng shui tips for your Philly row home that you can implement immediately.

1. Doors and Windows

Feng shui theory says that “Chi” energy travels between doors and windows, so make it a point to design each bedroom or living room in a way that doesn’t obstruct this energy. The design of most Philly row homes makes it so that you only have windows at the front or back of your house, so your options for placing furniture may be a bit limited. Also, try to ensure that wherever you and your guests will lie down or sit in a room is in clear view of both a window and the door. Design the rest of the room around that.

2. Don’t Put Your Bed or Sofa Against a Shared Wall

Philadelphia row houses are built with shared or common walls. It’s almost like having your next door neighbor in the next room, so it’s important to avoid putting important furniture where you relax against a shared wall. Make every attempt to keep your bed or sofa away from the shared wall in your room so that you can enjoy a peaceful experience while relaxing in your home.

3. Leave Space around Windows Open and Clear

Sunny windows are a treasure in Philly row homes, so make sure that you allow them plenty of room to “breathe.” Avoid placing furniture, desks, tables, and shelving units around the sunny windows in your home — you want to leave that space open and clear so that you can access the area easily and let the sun shine in. If you do place something around the window, let it be a plant or small decorative item.

4. Making a Small Room Appear Larger

The rooms in Philadelphia row houses are sometimes small due to the efficiently spaced lots, so take steps to make them appear bigger with special lighting and pops of bright colors. Place a medium wattage spotlight at the corner of the room (either at the ceiling or from the floor) to open up the space. Also, try placing a large mirror on the wall of a small bedroom to make it appear larger.

Your home should be an oasis; the energy should be positive, bright, and relaxed. As small and efficient as some Philly row homes may be, there are some simple feng shui tips that you can implement in each of your rooms to make them more comfortable and inspiring.

Main Image Source: Flickr/Seth Werkheiser

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